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Type Soccer Tournament
Name Winter Break 2019 Soccer Tournament Feb 19-21, U9-U18 (Taunton)
First Date 02-19-2019
All Dates Tuesday February 19, 2019 thru Thursday February 21, 2019 


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Fore Kicks is pleased to announce our 17th annual Winter Break Tournament.

Tournament Format:
Round Robin Play: Guaranteed 3-25 minute games plus full length finals (2-20min. halves plus overtime if tied). All games played on same day within approximately a 4-6 hour time period. Time guidelines suggested below are subject to the number of teams in each section and may change slightly. However playing days listed for each group will not change without previous notification. Three to eight teams per bracket.

11v11 games played on our 185' wide by 200' long synthetic grass indoor field to enhance greater offensive and defensive pressure great for tactical devlopment and faster decision making.

We will try to schedule teams registering in Taunton to play at our Taunton facility. However, teams may be scheduled to play some or all games at our other locations if necessary for competitive grouping or schedule requirements. Teams will be notified at least two days in advance whenever possible if a change in venue occurs .

U9 to U18: Premier, A and B level teams
Max. 15 players per roster for 6v6, 20 players for 11v11. Individual Awards for 1st and 2nd place teams

Times (subject to change):
Girls 7v7 U9/10: Wednesday Feb. 20, 2019 morning/afternoon
Girls 9v9 U11/12: Wednesday Feb. 20, 2019 8am-12pm
Girls 11v11 U13/14: Wednesday Feb. 20, 2019 12pm-4pm
Girls 11v11 U16-U18: Thursday Feb. 21, 2019 12pm-4pm

Boys 7v7 U9/10: Tuesday Feb. 19, 2019 morning/afternoon
Boys 9v9 U11/12: Tuesday Feb. 19, 201 8am-12pm
Boys 11v11 U13/14: Tuesday Feb. 19, 2019 12pm-4pm
Boys 11v11 U15-U19: Thursday Feb. 21, 2019 8am-12pm 

Teams will need to have their players complete an online waiver and include themselves on the online roster. The registration ID will be provided at the time of registration. Players will need that to be added to the roster. 


Facilities Games will be played indoors at our new Taunton Fore Kicks Sports Complex. 7v7 and 6v6 played on our large boarded turf field and our large unboarded synthetic grass fields. 9v9 and 11v11 played on our full width 185' x 200' long synthetic grass fields.



Gender Age Levels of Play Price Register Now!
Girls U9 A, B $295.00 Register Now!
Girls U10 A, B $295.00 Register Now!
Girls U11 A, B $345.00 Register Now!
Girls U12 A, B $345.00 Register Now!
Girls U13 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Girls U14 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Girls U16 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Girls U18 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Boys U9 A, B $295.00 Register Now!
Boys U10 A, B $295.00 Register Now!
Boys U11 A, B $345.00 Register Now!
Boys U12 A, B $345.00 Register Now!
Boys U13 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Boys U14 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Boys U16 A, B $495.00 Register Now!
Boys U18 A, B $495.00 Register Now!

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